Should you even wordpress?


This article is for beginners with little to no coding experience or people who have just never worked with wordpress but maybe are considering it. What you will get in this post some of the reasons why you might want to use wordpress, what it takes and some useful resources I found on my current journey with wordpress.

I recently just began using the software myself a few weeks ago and found the experience quite enjoyable and with so much opportunity with a relative low barrier to entry that will build you up for higher entry points (better jobs) in the future that I thought I had to share. If your a beginner developer or a developer looking for a new outlet consider this post. I hope you'll find it useful.

Most people have heard about wordpress but do you really know what it is and what wordpress has to offer? Wordpress is a very extensive and customizable content management system (CMS) which is known most for blogging but really it's good to build out any kind of website you want especially ones that will host and manage a business. Below are just some of the reasons you should consider trying out wordpress.

  • In business terms. Building with wordpress makes Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) for your websites much easier through it's user interfaces and thousands of plugins available.
  • Wordpress is a CMS which for a typical person running a business, this intuitive system along with well developed themes and plugins from developers like you and I. Make it a powerful point of control for business owners/managers.
  • It's modular and so, you can add and remove quite complex functionality without any programming experience easily.

Okay so those are good reason to want a wordpress website and there are more but I want to focus more on why you want to work with wordpress.

  • A powerful tool to have in your belt in both terms of learning and job opportunities.
  • Well documented examples of every kind. Wordpress has a strong community. Making it beginner friendly
  • You get a nice encapsulated environment to work in with an extensive UI which makes tweaking and learning fun and easy. (As easy as it can be)
  • Easy to start transferring knowledge and begin earning an income.
  • Maybe beginner friendly but can get reasonably complex too. which makes it an appropriate environment to go from a beginner to advanced developer. Knowledge you gain working in wordpress will traverse into any kind of programming you do down the road..

This next bit will list the things you'll need to learn to work with wordpress. If you have never coded before then I suggest doing an intro course of each of the following topics. If your not new then you should be able to follow a long the resources I share under WordPress Resources. NOTE if your a complete beginner you can bounce between your fundamental learnings and experimenting in word press. In fact I advise it.

Things to know are html, css, php, Js do at least one introduction to html and css then I would get right into php. Once you got the fundamentals of php down Javascript will be much easier to learn. We also start with php because you'll be writing a lot of php and html template code in your word press themes and plugins. Javascript will come into play when you get more advanced.

Another note You don't need re memorize every single thing but understand them. Much of these links are references not textbooks to memorize.

Pre requisite resources

Wordpress resources.




Wordpress is a great platform to start learning how to code or finding a new medium to code on. There is a relative low barrier to entrance when it comes to creating business and you can leverage the plugins as well. In the resources above there is tutorials using a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields which is a very popular plugin among developers.

In future posts I will put together some tutorials perhaps and share my experiences as I too learn more about wordpress. I have some great ideas for future content when I have some more time. If you have suggestions for a tutorials please leave a comment.


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I found this really helpful, thank you.